Some study-notes and thoughts

Limits, finitude and dependence

In his argument for God's existence, Shaykh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani says that things that we can perceive and comprehend are limited, hence dependent on other than themselves. But why must limited things necessarily be dependent? And how do we know? The... Continue Reading →


Banu Qurayza and the critics of Islam

The Banu Qurayza issue is a favourite of the critics of Islam. An enitre Jewish tribe was put to the sword, sparing only the women and children, who were enslaved instead. I can understand that many will find this incident... Continue Reading →

Women Imams, feminism and “the oppressed Muslim woman”

Recently, a Saudi TV presenter, Nadine Albudair, posted a controversial tweet where she called for women to lead prayers and stand side by side with men. She wrote, “It’s from religious progression to stand in prayer with men, or in... Continue Reading →

Is Islam a “reasonable belief”? I reason Islam? Or Islamify reason? Do I make belief reasonable? Or make reason believable? Or do I simply believe belief... And reason reason?   The below is the transcript of a talk delivered last year at an event... Continue Reading →

The ideological underpinnings of modern science

Many of us, especially those in the da’wah scene, attempt to reconcile Islam with science. In fact, we even go as far as to prove the truth of Islam through science. I have perhaps done the same on many occasions.... Continue Reading →

Sociology – Scientific or Cultural?

In his book, The Islamic State, Shaykh Taqi discusses the problem of ‘lending culturally based subjects, such as sociology…unnecessary respect and erroneously classifying them as universal sciences’.  He mentions the error of letting these disciplines affect our reading of the... Continue Reading →

The bureaucratisation of violence

One of the myths of modernity is its claim to progress. The modern world, especially the West, has apparently moved on from “primitive” ways. Progress has taken place in different aspects of our social world, including the way we punish,... Continue Reading →

The “Trump talk”!

The below is a transcript of a talk I gave taking a critical look at Muslim responses to Trump. Tonight’s talk is not so much about Trump as it is about all the talk about Trump. It is about how we,... Continue Reading →

Mundine Vs Anthem

Recently a popular Aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine stoked up some controversy by pledging not to stand up for the Australian national anthem. "I can't stand for something that's blatantly racist, man. Advance Australia Fair when it's really Advance Australia White;”... Continue Reading →

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