Some study-notes and thoughts


June 2015

Khaas & ‘Aam

Khaas: A word that refers to a specific meaning or object without referring to anything else. E.g. "Zayd" refers to a specific individual; "Man" refers to a specific gender. Ruling: - Practised upon completely - Khabar Wahid or Qiyaas cannot... Continue Reading →


Sources of Law & Categories of words/speech

Usool ul-Fiqh are four: 1. Qur'an 2. Sunnah 3. Ijma'ah of the Ummah 4. Qiyas Words/speech are classified into a number of different categories from different perspectives: 1. 'Aam and Khaas from the viewpoint of scope (i.e. what is included... Continue Reading →

Usool al-Shashi – Summary Notes Introduction

I intend to publish a series of posts, insha Allah, summarising what I've learnt from the famous introductory-level usool book in the Hanafi school, Usool al-Shashi. I may occasionally include additional points from other sources if I feel they are... Continue Reading →

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