Some study-notes and thoughts


July 2015

Must the Khalifah be from Quraysh?

There is a difference of opinion amongst scholars regarding whether the Khalifah has to be from the lineage of the Quraysh. Both are valid opinions and proponents of both sides have put forward detailed evidences to support their respective views.... Continue Reading →


ختبة الكتاب

The proof of the divine origin of the Qur'an is embedded within the Qur'an itself. Majority of the scholars hold that it is the special use of the Arabic language that makes the Qur'an miraculous. And an understanding of the... Continue Reading →

Mukhtasar al Ma’ani – Summary Notes – Introduction

Mukhtasar al Ma'ani is quite a difficult text to read. Mufti Yusuf describes it as "the book that makes the teachers in the madrasa shiver". Yet, with the help of Allah, Mufti Yusuf's Arabic program lays down such a solid... Continue Reading →

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