When thoughts are scattered, the soul is troubled, and the fragile heart keeps breaking amidst the concreteness of a robotic world, it is important that we remember the One who heals.

One of Allah’s names is Al-Jabbar. It is commonly translated as “The Compeller”, indicating Allah’s majesty and complete power over His creation. However, there’s another shade of meaning which is amazingly comforting in difficult times.

Al-Jabbar also refers to someone who puts things together. It has the connotation of healing a fractured bone.

For example, جبر يده (jabbara yadahu) means, “He (a bonesetter) restored his arm from a fractured state.”

جبيرة (Jabeerah) refers to a splint that helps heal broken bones.

Therefore, Allah is Al-Jabbar, the One who reforms the situation of His creation when they are in a mess, when they fall short, when they feel incapable…when life feels like a fractured bone!

The beautiful du’a that the Prophet (may peace be upon him) has taught us to recite between the two sajdas during our prayers conveys this meaning. When we say وأجبرني (wajburnee), we are asking Allah to console us, to fix our situation.

May we always be in the care and protection of Al-Jabbar.