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The bureaucratisation of violence

One of the myths of modernity is its claim to progress. The modern world, especially the West, has apparently moved on from “primitive” ways. Progress has taken place in different aspects of our social world, including the way we punish,... Continue Reading →


The “Trump talk”!

The below is a transcript of a talk I gave taking a critical look at Muslim responses to Trump. Tonight’s talk is not so much about Trump as it is about all the talk about Trump. It is about how we,... Continue Reading →

Mundine Vs Anthem

Recently a popular Aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine stoked up some controversy by pledging not to stand up for the Australian national anthem. "I can't stand for something that's blatantly racist, man. Advance Australia Fair when it's really Advance Australia White;”... Continue Reading →

The ideological workings of the capitalist society

In my previous post, I wrote about “individualism” as a political concept. I said that it was a particular view of the human that formed the cornerstone of liberalism. Liberalism conceptualises the human being as pre-social, ahistorical and apolitical. The... Continue Reading →

Individualism and social change

On my way to work, from the train station, I used to see this large, rotating billboard advertising the Australian Sex Party, which read, “Alcohol does not cause violence. Blame and punish the individual.” I thought the statement was quite... Continue Reading →

Shaykh Taqi’s argument for the existence of a creator

Shaykh Taqiuddin an-Nabhani’s (may Allah have mercy on him) argument for the existence of a creator is best summarised in the brief paragraph below from his concise, yet profound, book Nidham ul-Islam: “The reason that things must have a creator,... Continue Reading →

اخبار في معنى النهى

In ayah 84 of Surah al-Baqarah, Allah (SWT) talks about the covenant taken from Bani Isrā'īl listing the things that were obligated upon them. The first of the commands mentioned is not to worship anyone except Allah. However, this command... Continue Reading →

Qisaas – Between Murder & Mercy

At a time of rampant death and destruction when human blood is flowing like rivers, we need to reflect on the verse on Qisaas in Surah Baqarah. Although this beautiful verse deals with murder and capital punishment, it actually has... Continue Reading →

Activism, Imprisonment & Rizq

Al Hamdulillah, in my recent trip to Bangladesh, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a brother I’ve known for a long time. He is much younger than me, but a lot more mature and stronger when it comes to dealing... Continue Reading →

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